I embarked upon my first social entrepreneurship venture twenty years ago. Artpals was travelling art gallery in which children painted and drew their vision of the future. Each picture had a description of each child-artist below, so that their peers around the world could get an impression of who created the work and where they were from. The exhibit travelled to several countries, and was presented in schools, and art galleries. Children from each country added their art work depicting their vision of the future and the end product was a grand global vision. The works of art were sold and offered to children who were in need of funds for their education.

I later created a cookie bakery, which was aimed towards employing women from disadvantaged backgrounds and offering them the skills that they need to later create their own micro-businesses.

My ed-tech start-up Kiddify was also a social venture, aimed at connecting and empowering children around the world through skill-sharing. I believe strongly in entrepreneurship that has as its primary aim to find solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. I have been a mentor in this sector for the past five years. My primary goal is to assist young entrepreneurs in developing concepts; viable and sustainable concepts aimed at addressing critical social issues.