I come from a family of educators, dating back to four generations. After my piano career, I went to the University of Oxford where I completed a degree in International and Comparative education. I was curious about the way in which education systems around the world operated. I wanted to learn about the factors which contribute towards making one system of education more successful than another. I became passionate about the role of creative and innovation in education and competed my PhD at the University of London at the Institute of Education in 2005. Since then, I have been working as a researcher, consultant and advisor for a number of educational institutions, NGOs, and Multilateral organisations. My tasks have included qualitative research, educational reform analysis, curriculum design and development and school development. My clients include the World Bank, DfID, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Varkey Foundation.

My dream is to create communities of learning where every participant feels empowered by the learning process. In 2013, I created Kiddify; am audio-visual Wkiperdia for kids by kids to learn from, connect and share with their peers around the world.

After I graduated from the Founder Institute, (the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program), I became a mentor to several start-up around the world in the edtech sector.