I have been writing as long as my memory serves me. I began writing journals as a six year old to capture the various experiences that I had. A year later, my family and I moved from Jamaica to the USA and my “tools of survival” fiercely became my piano and my writing. In the new country and my new neighbourhood, that I was soon to call home, I wrote plays and musicals and entertained the children on weekends with my craft. As I grew into an introverted adolescence, I wrote for me, myself and I to figure out the world around and within me.  After decades of writing for introspection in solitude, I decided to share my writing by entering into the blogging sphere in 2003 when I moved to Berlin, Germany from the UK. I chose to create a food blog, because it combined my two great passions of writing and cooking. On occasion, whenever I am offered the opportunity, I hold workshops for children where we co-create stories, musicals and plays. With the birth of my daughter in 2014, I began to create stories for her enjoyment, and am now passionately working on Picture Books, Young Readers and YA novels to share with the wider world outside of our home.

SAMPLE Picture Book: I see something that you don’t see